Tim Burton’s motion capture take on Alice In Wonderland is well underway and this is seemingly the first snap to appear from the set. In case you are completely ignorant to the world of film this is Johnny Depp in what seems to be full Mad Hatter gear, typically Tim Burton-esque. While it’s not an official image it looks pretty legit but that not to say it gives any idea of how the Hatter will look in the finished film seeing as it will be digitally covered a la Beowulf…so who knows Johnny Depp could end up looking like Sean Bean too!

How this will turn out is going to be totally unexpected as there is word that Burton has taken the story right back to its more adult roots, and despite being a little tired of his gothic stylings this would seem to be the perfect blend of Charlie & The Chocolate Factory look and the usual out-there oddness that Burton fans wean themselves on. With a fantastic cast as well something tells me that this cant fail to impress.

As well as Depp as the Hatter working with Burton for the 3000th time, Alan Rickman is confirmed as the Caterpiller, Michael Sheen as the perfect fit for the Cheshire Cat, Matt Lucas as Tweedledee and Tweedledum, Anne Hathaway and Helena Bohnam Carter as the two Queens along with newcomer Mia Wazowski as Alice.

Alice In Wonderland is due for release in Summer 2009.