Brian Taylor and Mark Neveldine, the crazed/genius creators of ultimate action movie Crank, have announced that they are leaving the film adaptation of comic book Jonah Hex because of “creative differences”. Given their history, I can only imagine that said differences involved them wanting extreme levels of sex, violence and a huge number of explosions, and the studio saying no,

Jonah Hex is an anti-hero in stories set in the Old West, horribly scarred down one side of his face where he was burned by a red-hot tomahawk. He fought in the Civil War, and is often shown wearing a ragged Confederacy uniform, and has the sort of cynical, surly attitude you’d expect from a Sergio Leone Clint Eastwood film.

Neveldine and Taylor were writing a script for the film, which they turned in recently. Josh Brolin has been in talks to star, and although he hasn’t yet confirmed his involvement the studio, Warners, are said to be “moving quickly to set a new director, determined to keep Brolin in the fold for a spring start”. So maybe he’s closer to signing on for the role than anyone realised.