Now, this certainly is a curious film (bad pun intended!), the second, seemingly full, trailer has arrived for The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button and this time we actually get to hear Button (Brad Pitt) speak and get more of an idea as to the plot other than that Button ages backwards causing all kinds of problems, most in love seemingly! 

We get better glimpses at Cate Blanchett as the love interest and Tilda Swinton as…well…another love interest from the looks of things, lets not act surprised here though, it IS Brad Pitt! The effects look fantastic and of course its shaping up to be a very stylish affair, thing is it looks very much like a Tim Burton film NOT  a David Fincher one, and has something of a Meet Joe Black feel to it (which as you will remember while not a disaster it was very poor in parts!). Anyway I shall with-hold judgement until January when it’s due for release in the UK.

Enjoy the shiny goodness of the trailer here.