Out early December in the USA (damn those lucky Yanks!) here is the full trailer for Frost/Nixon, I have to admit this is a project that i never held especially close to my heart but by God having watched this I’m now totally hooked. In fact this could well be one of THE films of next year (for us, it’s out mid-January), the acting on display looks superb and there is early buzz that Ron Howard has really brought his A-Game to this one.

Obviously that early buz is equating to talk of Academy Awards and I can see what they mean, aside from the titular pairing of Langella and Sheen there is Kevin Bacon, Sam Rockwell, Oliver Platt, Matthew Macfayden and Toby Jones who could all be shoe-ins come Oscar season (and are incidentally some of my favourite actors)…check out the goods here, and start counting down!