I’m not one to let women distract my attention from a good ol’ action packed fight scene, but there is something about the freckled Natalya Rudakova that just distracts my attention. There is something hot about her!

Take for instance this recent extended clip from Transporter 3. While the action should be taking up all my focus, I can’t help but check out Natalya every time the camera flashes to her. Eh, maybe it’s just me. The new extended clip from Transporter 3 that features a warehouse fight sequence can be seen right here. Statham not only kicks the shit out of everybody he encounters (again no big surprise there), but he still finds a way to turn on his romantic interest. If that’s not being a stud, I don’t know what is!

Transporter 3 will hit cinemas in December and I’m sure if you can get over Stathams limited acting skills and terrible American accent there will be lots of action to chew up with your eyes! Other than that there’s always Natalya Rudakova!