I must admit I have never been a ‘Trekkie’ and the thought of a new Star Trek film never excited me, when JJ Abrams was announced as directer my interest peaked a little, M: I-3 was one of THE best action films of the last 10 years and though not a fan of and follower of Lost I recognice it has some very good ideas. Cloverfield was so-so but in parts very visceral, so it was with baited breath i waited for our forst true glimpse at what JJ had done with Star Trek. Here is a bootleg copy of the trailer, as soon as the official one arrives ill let you know.

So, what did i think….AMAZING in a word, it looks totally action packed and the characters all seem to have been nailed, again without more footage it’s hard to fully judge but I’ve no doubt this could be the Star Trek film to convert me as well as win over fans…what do you think? As ever comments below….and remember, Live long and prosper!