Clint Eastwood has tackled pretty much every genre you can think of as a director, from Westerns to sci-fi (who can forget Space Cowboys?) to cop thrillers and even war movies. But the great man has never taken on horror – and if you think that I’m about to say ‘until now’, you’d be on the money.

Eastwood is in talks with DreamWorks to direct Hereafter, a spec script by the so-hot-right-now Frost/Nixon scribe, Peter Morgan. Plot details are under wraps, but the script is apparently in the same vein as The Sixth Sense, which sounds about right for Clint these days. A graceful and elegant director, not for him a balls-to-the-wall slasher pic, but rather an understated and haunting ghost story.

Kathleen Kennedy will produce the movie, which DreamWorks held onto when it broke away from Paramount earlier this year. A concerted campaign to woo Eastwood then began and now Kennedy and DreamWorks head honcho Steven Spielberg have their man.

So, readers – Clint directing a horror? The closest he’s come previously were his first two directorial efforts, Play Misty For Me (psycho thriller) and High Plains Drifter (which has a supernatural element). So do you think he has what it takes to conjure up some decent scares? As ever, leave your thoughts below.