The theatrical trailer for Watchmen is online at last, and it gives us the best taster of how the film will play to date. Opening, as does the novel, with the murder of the Comedian, we see all the action high-points touched upon – and there are even a few hints this time that it’s actually quite a talky plot. Click here to watch the theatrical Watchmen trailer.

The interesting thing about this trailer (OK, the geeky thing) is that our group of retired costumed heroes refer to themselves as “Watchmen” – a change from the book, where the group is barely named but, if it was, would be the Crimebusters. Still, if it helps the title make sense to the uninitiated, that’s no bad thing. Look out too for the first real interplay we’ve seen between Doctor Manhattan (Billy Crudup) and Silk Spectre (Malin Ackerman), and the first dialogue from Ozymandias (Matthew Goode).

This, it must be said, is looking like it could be THE film of next year, and my anticipation levels are fast approaching those of The Dark Knight this year, lets hope it can deliver on its promise when it’s released next March.