Out to steal Indy’s crown (well, fedora), Tom Hanks returns as Robert Langdon in Angels & Demons. We have a teaser trailer which shows that this time around, the religious symbols expert is in for a more exciting ride, as he discovers a bomb beneath the Vatican. Following the slow moving Da Vinci Code movie, Angels & Demons promises to move at a much faster pace, with plenty of perilous underground exploits and a race against time to stop the ticking time bomb.altarsofscience– which is a site showing the bomb beneath the Vatican.

The story centres around another ancient sect, this time the Illuminati, who are the most powerful organisation in history. Diametrically opposed to the Catholic Church, they will stop at nothing to destroy their nemesis. The trailer gives us a taste of some of the tension to come, with a glimpse of one of the brutal murders that takes place.

Once again directed by Ron Howard, the quest takes Langdon to Rome, where he is joined by a beautiful Italian scientist Vittoria Vetra, as they track the symbols of the ‘Altars of Science.’ The four Altars are locations (representing the four elements) which make up the Path Of Illumination, revealing the meeting place of the Illuminati in Rome and uncovering their plot against the Church.

Check out the trailer on the official Angels & Demons site, where you can also join the Path Of Illumination Contest. Also if you pause the trailer when the Illuminati text comes up, you can see