The rather stunning ‘top 10 sexiest woman’ ranking actress, Rachel Bilson, who was last seen looking constantly bemused in Jumper – which, to be fair, was the primary audience reaction as well – has plumped for something very different as her next movie. She’s just signed on to play the female lead in James Keach’s indie romantic drama, Waiting For Forever, about a slacker who decides to quit his job and focus entirely on living life with his TV actress girlfriend (Bilson). I’m guessing that the girlfriend might have something slightly different to say on the matter.

Bilson has actually made another film since Jumper – she appears in one of the segments in upcoming portmanteau film, New York, I Love You. Factor that, Waiting For Forever and The Last Kiss into the equation and it seems that Jumper is, in fact, the odd one out for the ex-O.C. actress. 

No announcement has yet been made about the male lead, but with filming set to start in Salt Lake City at the end of the month, expect that to happen, and right soon.