OK, so Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince won’t be released now until next summer. But the good news is that, when it finally is released on July 17, there will be sections shown in 3-D for those who see it on Imax screens.

In a process similar to that used on Superman Returns, action-y sections of the film will be threedeeified (that’s a technical term) on Imax, and there’ll probably be a little wand or something that appears in the top corner of the screen to let you know to put on your goofy glasses. That, and the way everything suddenly goes blurry.

Which bits will be 3-D? Well, I hear that there will be about 25 minutes in total, split between the opening sequence and finale – and we’re guessing that that might cover Voldemort’s attacks up and down Britain (related in the book by Cornelius Fudge, rather than shown) and of course the big showdown in the Astronomy Tower. But who knows? Maybe we’ll get 3D Quidditch somewhere in there instead.

But with nine-and-a-bit months to go, you’ve got all the time in the world to figure out exactly what’s going to be covered. So speculate away below!