As that spookiest time of year approaches, we are once again faced with another chapter in the Saw franchise. Saw V was originally due to be released on its usual home date of the 31st October but due to the date of a certain Mr. Bond being brought forward (over here in the UK at least), it has seen Saw V running scared and being brought forward by a week itself now coming out on 24th October. It needn’t worry too much though im sure any people that can’t get into Quantum Of Solace on its release week will spill into Saw V, or maybe not!

Saw was a fantastic horror film, kicking of the whole torture porn debate 5 long years ago, its sequel was poor and it gained some momentum again with 3 and last years number 4, it will be interesting to see where they go with this next chapter as Jigsaw is now officially dead and disected! Someone is clearly continuing his work, that someone may just be Detective Hoffman, or is it more than one person?

AS ever an extended clip of one of Jigsaw’s torture techniques has been released while the release date draws ever near, check it out here….as always it’s not for the squeamish!