It’s been ages since Robert Downey Jr. was cast in the title role of Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes movie. So long, in fact, that I was beginning to wonder if Ritchie would ever get around to casting his Dr. Watson.

Well, today he apparently has – and it’s Jude ‘Annoying & Smug’ Law.

If Law signs, and it’s highly likely that he will, it will end the rampant speculation that has surrounded the role of Holmes’ indefatigable biographer and sidekick, with which the likes of The Stath and Russell Crowe had been linked. But now it has emerged that it’s Law who will fill John Watson’s shoes and tap out his pipe.

If you expected Ritchie’s Watson to be a gruff gentlemen in his late fifties/early sixties, a la Edward Hardwicke or Nigel Bruce, then Law might seem to be a little young, but in many of the stories he’s in his forties and fifties. Certainly, Law projects a keen intelligence, which is essential for a character who, while admittedly far behind Holmes in terms of intellect, is far from the buffoon depicted in many previous Holmes films. And Law’s casting indicates that Watson has an integral role to play in the film, which starts shooting soon. 

As you may have guessed im far from a Jude Law fan, only finding him bearable in Breaking And Entering, hopefully I’ll be nicely surprised by this but i seriously doubt it! Isn’t it funny how the film you had the highest hopes for can be dashed in one casting decision….but then again it’s not 100% confirmed so i’m still holding out hope that Ritchie sees sense!

Anyway I was particularly intrigued to see how Ritchie will depict their relationship which, when Holmes is in a particularly cruel mood, can sometimes feel like the detective is torturing his faithful friend (i’m hoping that, however unlikely, he kills Watson within the opening credits!). Anyway, at least Law is the only weak cog in the casting thus far joining Downey and the already-cast Mark Strong, who will play one of the movie’s villains. I’m guessing that Law’s take on Watson will be substantially different from Will Ferrell’s in the comedic Sherlock movie that will team him with Sacha Baron Cohen’s Holmes.

Mind you, that one seems to have gone a bit quiet of late. Might bear some investigating, that one. We know just the chap!