In an official statement by Disney “Race To Witch Mountain Star Dwayne Johnson will be space-bound in a new actioner being scripted by Jon Lucas and Scott Moore, the team behind the upcoming Ghosts Of Girlfriends Past. Now wgile it isn’t confirmed there is word going around that the film will be called Tomorrowland, this being a Disney production common sense would suggest that it will indeed be based upon the area of Disneyland known as….well you can guess!

The man formerly known as The Rock is fast becoming Disney’s go-to guy for their live action family films with The Game Plan, Witch Mountain and now this. Certainly no bad thing, Johnson has shown he is adept at pulling off this brand of light family comedy, and then theres his action experience obviously!

Disneys attraction at turning its theme park rides into films is a subject of two-sides, on the plus there is the obvious success of Pirates Of The Caribbean (though I still argue that were Depp not in that it wouldnt have been half as successful) and on the other HUGE downside is the attempt at Haunted Mansion and to an even lesser success The Country Bears.

Tomorrowland has one thing going for it and that is that it is a whole land, rather than just one ride, meaning the scope for a compelling plot is better, but then again the writers did also pen the dire Martin Lawrence ‘comedy’ Rebound.

More on this story as i get it, and look out for Johnson in next summers Race To Witch Mountain.