Well, as summer has been and gone, attention has now turned to who sank and who swam at the box-office (look out for my full report very soon). It’s fair to say Marvel Studios were big winners with Iron Man, which as avid readers of the site will know, has a sequel green-lit and going into pre-production very soon. But what of Marvel’s big green property, The Incredible Hulk?

While Hulk certainly wasn’t a flop by any means it wasn’t the hit that Marvel were hoping for, making on a par box-office wise with what Ang Lee’s original The Hulk made, suggesting that the idea of a reboot isn’t always the way forward (a la Batman Begins). So where does this leave the under-performing big green man?

Star and writer Edward Norton is seemingly in the dark himself stating that, “The minds of Marvel are sometimes opaque, I won’t say they’re obtuse but I don’t have any idea what they want to do.” I sense sour grapes, and considering Norton’s involvement became somewhat ‘troubled’ towards the film’s release (he is nototriously difficult to work with), with him fighting over the cut of the film, he wanted more angst, Marvel wanted more action, and he also ended up doing no publicity for the film.

It would be a shame for Norton not to return, he nailed the part balancing the emotion with comedy, however it won’t be surprising if he’s not brought back, Marvel don’t like being dictated to! This leaves the future of both a Hulk sequel, which was blatantly set-up in this summers film, and the due in 2011 Marvel hero team up of The Avengers.

Talking of which, Norton had this to say about an Avengers film, “They’ve got this notion of collecting the Marvel characters, so who knows where they will go?”, this wpuld suggest he isn’t warm to the idea of a team up, and in all hoenstly neither am I, the problems with making a truly good Avengers film vastly outweigh the positives, but more on that in a future post.