You can always tell when a star (and director) are down on thier luck, they will return to do sequels to hit, or not so hit-like in this case, movies they made in their “prime”. So following next years enexplicably titled Fast And Furious, the gorilla known as Vin Diesel will return to the Bond knock off and ultimate cheese-fest known as xXx, in xXx: The Return Of Xander Cage, snappy title that!

As you may recall xXx was conceived as a franchise to rival Bond, made when Diesel was in his next-big thing phase, which he failed to capitalise on, it saw his rogue agent/ex-convict take on the generic eastern European villain in many over blown set pieces. Problem is, along came Bourne with a very new, and slick action film showing xXx just how 80’s it was!

But….still a sequel happened, minus Diesel who at that point clearly thought he was above such drivel. Well the news comes today he has taken yet another step back and there is strong word that both he and original director Rob Cohen will be back, with Variety reporting they have signed on the dotted line with studio Revolution.

With Diesel’s current form and failing miserably with his ‘comeback’ movie Babylon A. D. and Cohen still licking his wounds from The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emporer, maybe they can scrap back some credibilty, but i doubt it!