As ever when Summer (have we actually had a Summer!), comes to a close people start looking towards Christmas, or retailers do at least, aiming to hook us in early. This is no more true than in Hollywood, so with this in mind the first trailer for Four Christmases has hit, see it here.

It’s a comedy, it stars Vince ‘frat pack’ Vaughn, and Reese ‘schmaltz’ Witherspoon so you pretty much know what to expect before you even weatch the trailer. That’s not to say it looks bad, it’s just that we have Vaughan’s usual comedy routine and lashings of festive cheer, or not!

Less child orientated than last years Fred Claus it lacks that films genius casting of Paul Giamatti as Santa but we do get Jon Favreau…so that’s something I suppose…

What do you guys think? Are you in the festive mood now? Or reaching for the sick bags!

Four Christmases, is due out in time for…well have a guess!