Our good mate Devin at CHUD just sat down for an hour-long interview with Jon Favreau as the latter gets going on Iron Man 2 – and he got some choice tidbits on the next film.

First up, as thoroughly hinted at in the first instalment, Col. James ‘Rhodey” Rhodes (Terrence Howard) will get a chance to don armour and become War Machine for the film, in news that will surprise no one but please everyone.

Secondly, while Favreau sees the Mandarin as the overarching villain behind the series (he’s thinking three as well as two), he doesn’t know how to do him onscreen, what with the arcane powers and racial stereotyping that don’t fit that well into Iron Man’s world. But since he talked about his fascination with the new Cold War that seems to be brewing, we might see a villain like Crimson Dynamo, of whom there have been twelve comic incarnations but who would at least fit in Iron Man’s world, being another man in a suit, but this tme one who can use electricity to devastating effect.

There’s lots more over on CHUD, so head over there for news on Fav’s plans for the action, his own character, Happy Hogan, and why he doesn’t want to do what The Dark Knight did.