The debut trailer for the Clint Eastwood-directed thriller, Changeling, has made its way online. Click here to take a gander.

Existing somewhere between L.A. Confidential and Flightplan, Changeling tells the based-on-true-events tale of Christine Collins (Angelina Jolie), a single mum living in 1920’s Los Angeles whose young son goes missing one day. Months later, the police find the boy and return him to his mother’s loving arms – but the problem is,¬† he’s not her son…

A case that rocked California’s legal system and uncovered the institutionalised corruption that was eating away at the prohibition-era LA police department, this is prime directorial fodder for Eastwood – a man who is no stranger to cinematic hunts for justice. What with this, The Soloist and Milk, the Oscar hopeful’s are certainly hotting up in the trailer stakes…and by God this certainly has Oscar written all over it!

The movie, which also co-stars John Malkovich, Colm Feore and Amy Ryan, opens in the UK on November 28.