File this firmly under “speculation” for now, but an interesting tidbit has emerged from Fox about the Marvel characters they still own the rights to. After a deathly quiet summer for the studio, a strategy meeting has been called to discuss possible superhero plans – and there are some intriguing ideas to be bandied about.

First is a Young X-Men project of a type that will be familiar to fans of the 2000-2003 animated series X-Men: Evolution, wherein all the main characters were teenagers. Is this a good idea? Well, possibly not: either they stick with the continuity of the other films and don’t include the likes of Wolverine (in which case what’s the point?) or they confuse everyone and have younger versions of all the same characters, or they go with a spin-off team like the New Mutants, who never really fired the public’s imagination. Unless it’s like an X-Men Muppet Babies, in which case bring it on!

Secondly there’s the possibility of a spin-off of a spin-off, with Deadpool being mooted. For those of you not au fait with your Marvel masked assassins, Deadpool’s a wise-cracking mercenary with similar powers to Wolverine but better one-liners. Ryan Reynolds (a good fit for the role) is set to play him in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, so would hopefully take the role again in any spin-off. From the spin-off. They could call it X-Men Origins: X-Men Mates: Deadpool.

And third and most radically, there’s the possibility of a Daredevil reboot. As one of the few publications that didn’t hate the first one, that doesn’t seem immediately necessary (and a reboot didn’t fully work for The Incredible Hulk), but as equal opportunities film fans, we’re all in favour of more work for blind superheroes, so bring it on! These are all mere possibilities for now (although the Deadpool idea has been on the cards ever since Reynolds was cast in Wolverine) but they’re lots for comic fans to be going on with. So Marvel fans, begin your discussion: good ideas or bad ideas?