No, I don’t mean that he’s been bouncing around the countryside for months, trying to pass himself off as Fred Phillips, a teacher from Dartmouth with three kids (although, strangely, I think i’d respect him even more if he did try that). Instead, the man who is Nick Rivers and Gay Perry, has signed on to star in a film called Fake Identity.

He’ll play an American doctor working in Chechnya (oh, political) who finds his life is in danger after he helps a mysterious woman escape from a would-be attacker. The film will be directed by the wonderfully-named Dennis Dimster-Denk, from a script he co-wrote with Zvia Dimbort. And if you’re thinking about making any Dim and Dimmer jokes, then shame on you.

Fake Identity will begin shooting at the end of the month in Sofia, Bulgaria, let us hope Kilmer continues in his run of great character roles serving as something of a career revival for him (forgetting hid appearance in The Love Guru!)