Jessica Alba may have taken time off recently to become a mother, but fear not, cause now she’s back back back. More than simply an excuse to print a picture of her looking rather smokin’ hot we have the news that she’s just signed on to star in An Invisible Sign Of My Own, based on the novel by Aimee Bender. The story follows Mona, a math whiz who’s knocked sideways when her father becomes ill. Her fear that he will die, and his withdrawal from family life, triggers a withdrawal in her, and she starts going to extreme lengths to quit everything she enjoys doing – until she is recruited as a maths teacher and finds that she is very good at it, and resolves to help a little girl in her class.

That may all sound schmaltzy, but there’s potential for some quirky comedy in there too – Mona is a keen pianist, for example, so she ties ropes around the piano and then hides all the scissors so she can’t play. It’s also set to be directed by Marilyn Agrelo, who was responsible for the really rather fun Mad Hot Ballroom a couple of years ago, although this is her non-documentary feature debut. The Wedding Planner‘s Pam Falk and Mike Ellis adapted the screenplay.

I haven’t high hopes for this film as thus far Miss. Alba’s acting talents have been, shall we say, limited…but who knows she might break that trend, but we can rest assured she will, as ever look good whilst doing whatever level of acting it is she performs!