When they write the history of 2008’s American box office weekends, this one will go down with a giant “meh” plastered all over it.

Because when your top film is the critically dissed Nic Cage remake vehicle Bangkok Dangerous, which opened with just $7.8 million, you know the US cinemagoing public stayed away in droves. Still, it was enough to push it just ahead of Tropic Thunder, which saw in its fourth weekend with $7.5 million. I seriously doubt Nic Cage’s effort will ever approach Tropic’s $96 million-to-date gross, however with a very likely huge drop off for next week at around the 70% mark.

In third place sat The House Bunny, which earned $5.9 million, ahead of The Dark Knight, which swapped places with the Bunny to make $5 million in fourth (fast approach that Titanic sized $600 million). Fifth place went to Traitor, staying exactly where it was thanks to adding a few more cinemas and took in $4.6 million. Babylon AD slipped down to sixth, with $4 million (which is, quite frankly, $4 million more than it deserves).

Death Race screeched down into seventh on $3.5 million, while Disaster Movie continued to stumble with just $3.3 million in eighth, hopefully spelling the end of this run of excrable ‘spoofs’. At the bottom of the charts, Mamma Mia sat pretty with $2.7 million showing that musicals on the big screen also have legs, and Pineapple Express down one place to round out on the top 10 with a haul of $2.4 million, making its total sum very hefty indeed with a proposed sequel looking ever more likely.