This one is shaping up very nicely, admittedly I’m a sucker for Jim Carrey at his silliest and in Yes Man we certainly seem to have that. Based upon Danny Wallace’s book the set up sees Carrey as a man who through the usual contrived series of events, having to say yes to everything…and obvious comedy ensues.

The tone looks pitched somewhere between Liar, Liar (which, incidently, is very similarly pitched) and Bruce Almighty, but maybe thats just because Carrey is spoting a similar haircut! Asides from Carrey the film stars Terrence Stamp, who I’m hoping can regain some credibilty after his dire performance in Get Smart and the rather gorgeous Zooey Deschanel…Feast your eyes on the trailer here, and look out for a 300 joke thats infinitly funnier than ANYTHING I’ ve seen form Meet The Spartans.

Yes Man will be making its way over here in January.