As attendees of the inaugural Bfi Empire Movie-Con found out a couple of weeks ago, Guy Ritchie has added Mark Strong to the cast of his forthcoming movie version of Sherlock Holmes. And now it appears to be even more official, after Ritchie confirmed the news again to an audience at the Toronto Film Festival, as reported by

Of course, there’s already intense speculation that Strong – for whom this will be his third movie with Ritchie – will play Dr. Watson alongside Robert Downey Jr.’s Sherlock in the movie, which starts filming next month.

But Movie Blaze can exclusively reveal that that won’t be the case. Instead, Strong is playing one of the movie’s villains. Strong described the role to us as quite physical and, while it will only require a couple of weeks of shooting, we can’t wait to see this fine British actor lock horns with the world’s greatest detective. Oh, and before you ask, he won’t be playing Moriarty.