If you’re still a fan of the heroes in a half-shell who briefly took over the world in the mid-Eighties, you might be interested to know that their creator Kevin Eastman is in talks for another live-action movie based on their unlikely exploits. Following last year’s all-CGI TMNT and a clutch of movies and animated series, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles may indeed be back in real-life if Eastman is to be believed.

“Yes, it is true,” he said from a post on HeavyMetal.com. “Although the CGI film did well enough to warrant a sequel, there has been much talk between Imagi and Warners to do a better ‘re-invention’ of the TMNTs, in a live action film–like what was done with Batman.

“Back to basics, back to the origin and the intro of the Shredder. There have been talks, trips to Northampton to talk to Mr Laird, and discussions with the original “first” TMNT film director Steve Barron to come back and do it right–but no official word yet…will keep you posted.”

I have to say that the idea of Donatello, Raphael, Michaelangelo and Leonardo going back to basics and adopting the darker tone of their original comic books sounds like a good idea to us. Far from kid friendly, their initial adventures were bloody and broody affairs and I’d personally love to see this done on the big screen. I’ll keep you posted as further details are revealed.