Generally, I enjoy being pointed to, and watching, fan-made horror films, but I don’t cover them.

 Here’s  an exception.

A fella out of Brussels made a seven-minute long alternate “film break” sequence that could have been used for Warner Home Video’s DVD release of Gremlins 2.

“The whole production was two months long,” Feiner explains on YouTube. “This is a fan, non-profit project. I did everything alone, from the filming to the compositing. I only had assistants for the puppeteering. The overall budget, including the purchasing of the original [Gremlins] sculpture, the HD and studio equipment, the molding and painting of the puppets and the editing, was about U.S. $3k. This is also an answer to something Joe Dante said in an interview, when the journalist asked why they did not shoot any new alternate sequence for the DVD edition: I guess there was no budget! Indeed, the purpose is also to show that it is possible to render a professional, entertaining and well done sequence for…nearly nothing.”

It is very much in the vein of the BT advert from earlier this year featuring the Gremlins but obviously placing them in other films is much more amusing, so sit back, grab a tub ‘o popcorn and watch Dante’s mischievous monsters invade films like Batman, The Goonies and even The Exorcist!