Sam Rockwell’s one of those actors you can’t help but love, but he’s too often stuck in supporting roles that barely give him a chance to stretch. So it’s great to finally see a trailer for Choke, the adaptation of Fight Club author Chuck Palaniuk’s filthy, funny book about sex addiction, religion and dementia (of course), starring Rockwell in the lead.

You can check out the trailer here – click the “Watch this in HD” button to escape the Ameri-centric restrictions – for a promising taste of the film and a very funny skin cancer joke (and it’s not every day you get to say that). The story’s about Victor, a sex addict and college dropout who regularly fakes choking fits in restaurants and lives on the cheques people send him after they save his life. When his senile mother hints at  a secret behind his paternity, he starts trying to find out who his father was, while still trying to shag everyone he meets. It also stars Anjelica Huston and Kelly Macdonald. It was adapted and directed by Clark Gregg, who you may remember as Agent Coulson in Iron Man this summer.

There’s still no release date over here, but with a late September release in the US, let’s hope we see this one sooner rather than later.