As you are probably well aware by now (my avid regular readers, if i have any!!!) I love The Dark Knight. Amazing movie, the kind of film that can make people not even want to attempt to make movies because it won’t turn out that iconic and badass…

 I trust Chris Nolan implicitly at this point. If Warner’s announced that he had chosen Cher for Catwoman I’d be the first to say, “That’s not my choice, but what the fuck do I know? Go for it, big guy.”

But I think it’s pretty safe to say that the casting process is not going on and that a mad! crazy! insane rumor like “Cher is Catwoman”, which I believe started at The Telegraph (shouldn’t they know better at a repuatable paper), should only be looked at as a funny what if? For us geeks patiently waiting on David Goyer and the Nolans to knock their heads together and prep the next Batman film.

I’m not going to believe any of these rumors… Johnny Depp (terrible choice), Philip Seymour Hoffman (very good choice), David Tennant (good choice) or Cher (goddman abyssmal)… until I either hear it from one of the tried and true sources at Warners or see it on a nice pretty Warner’s press release. The fan base is just going into overdrive right now and I can’t blame them. I’m just as psyched as you guys to see how in the world Nolan’s going to follow-up The Dark Knight and big part of that is seeing who the hell is going to fill the villain void left by Heath Ledger’s Joker.

One intriguing bit of news circulating is that Warner’s are keen to get shooting on the sequel underway as early as next summer meaning a 2010 release, sounds good to me! Just hope they give Nolan the time to at least match the excellent decisions and script of Begins and TDK.

What do you folks think?