Some people clearly have way too much time on their hands, but it keeps us fanboy’s busy and certainly keeps the hype machine ticking over! On top of being an obvious whizz in the design department, the guy who has put these posters together (for what he imagines is going to be called Gotham City, an awful title in my opinion, but each to their own) also fancies himself a dab hand at being a casting director putting Marian Coillard as Catwoman and David Tennant as The Riddler.

I love one of these ideas and dispise the other, in both costume and casting. Tennant would be a fantastic Riddler were he not to over-do it Jim Carrey style, also the costume looks fantastic and not unrealistic in the slightest. On the other hand the concept of Catwoman is terrible, the mask ires me especially.

Much as I like the design for Harley Quinn, never in a million years could i see this character appearing in such an extreme guise, and especially not played by Kristin Bell! 

Anyway as the rumour mill churns away have a good look at the bigger picture of these posters and moany others for Wonder Woman here.

What do you guys think…good choice/bad choice?