Movie Funda

Whilst not the pinnacle of movie making, the first Transporter film had alot of good things about it. Most notable of these being a star making turn out of Jason Statham (despite a risible American accent) and a fantastic fight involving oil, pedals and lots of testosterone, add to this some excellent car chases and you had a film that 80’s Arnie would have been proud of!

The Transporter 2 failed ro recapture much of what was good about the original, yet i still hold out hope that Mk. 3 due out here in November, will be that extra special blend of 80’s shtick and Jason Statham-ness, lets face it, following the apparently dire Death Race, he needs a hit…until then check out the action packed trailer here, and keep an eye out for Prison Break’s Robert Knepper as the apparant villain of the piece.