What a toughie this was, to narrow down from literally hundreds of rather gorgeous girls currently at work in movies today. But when it came down to it there could only be a chosen few. I have tried to narrow down and base my decisions not only on looks, but also charisma, talent and their potential star power, should they not already be posessing it in a big way. So sit back, relax and feast your eyes on this collection of rather wonderful eye candy…

p.s. Im sure that many of you may well disagree and feel I have missed out your personal favourite, and if so chime in on the comment board, love to know what you think!


Defining Moment: Megan came crashing onto the scene with last years Transformers, and as if that film wasn’t exciting enough, we had the most stunning actress to come this way in a long while, with that perfect figure on show against Michael Bay’s obligatory sunset….and just think Transformers 2 is on its way next Summer, time to get excited all over again, so we can look forward to much more of Megan’s luscious lips, oh and some more giant robots smashing the hell out of each other!



Defining Moment: Maggie has hit the big time commercially this Summer in the Dark Knight, but she has been garnering rave reviews critically for the past few tears making her mark in the supremely odd Secretary. Not afraid to get naked in the name of the job, her defining ‘moments’ come in the rather fantastic Sherrybaby, and no its not just fantastic because she appears naked on many an occasion, it’s also great testament as to why she may well be the greatest actress working in Hollywood right now!



Defining Moment: Without a doubt Elisha’s defining moment was in The Girl Next Door, and quite frankly who wouldn’t want to live next door to her! While pretty much every woman in the film gets naked at some point Elishe keeps it all covered up, just about. For further watching see House Of Wax and Captivity, which, lets face it, without her presence would be unbearably bad to watch!



Defining Moment: Hard call this is, it could be her break-out role in Mean Girls, when she claims that her boobs tell her what the weather will be like, or, and this is what im opting for, her super-star making turn in this Summer’s Mamma Mia! She exudes charm, and most importantly an effortless amount of sex appeal, even if you hate musicals she makes it worth the price of admission alone, well, her and Pierce Brosnan!


Defining Moment: Across the span of her carreer ‘Angie’ has had many a defining moment but most recently she was seen sizzling up on screen in Wanted alongside James McAvoy. Not only did she make the film her own, but, she made sexiness ooze from every frame, THE defining moment, stepping from a ‘bath’ and displaying her stunning body in all its glory, dotted with many a tattoo. And I haven’t even mentioned THOSE lips!


Defining Moment: Up until I saw her in the very average Adam Sandler comedy, I Now Pronounce You Chuck And Larry, I had very little love for Miss. Biel but now all that has changed. In Chuck And Larry she provides a sole reason to seek the film out. Stunning is not the word! Two scenes stick out in my mind and if you have seen the film, you will understand what i mean when i say wet clothes and cat costume (she sure wins my vote for the next Catwoman)! Go on, watch it, you know you want too.



Defining Moment: The Last kiss, a favourite film of mine and for a great many reasons, one being Miss. Bilson. Looking rather gorgeous and luring Zach Braff away from his seemingly perfect life. The ultimate in ‘innocent’ temptresses, reaches the pinnacle of her sexiness as she runs through the pouring rain and sits in Braff’s car dripping wet in a little summer dress…hot stuff for sure! Oh and she made you forget Hayden Christenton couldn’t act in Jumper, distracting in the best possible way. 



Defining Moment: So far most people are unlikely to know who Olga is, but she sure made an impression in Hitman, despite the film being universally panned. However in approximately two months time i very much doubt whether there will be a person in the country that WON’T know who she is, that is because Olga is the new Bond girl in Quantum Of Solace, and from pictures and trailer footage so far shes looking like being one of the sexiest yet!



Defining Moment: It has to be a toss up between her turn in Die Hard 4.0 as ‘little’ Lucy McClane and that of Make It Happen, which i must admit I haven’t sen but judging by Miss. Winstead’s leggy pictures it could well be worth a look! But let’s not forget her cheerleader get-up in the otherwise goddamn awful half of Tarantino’s Grindhouse.




Defining Moment: Must be as Liz Sherman in Hellboy 2, she was hot, quite literally in Hellboy 1 but failed to really make an impact. In number 2 however she really comes into her own making Liz Sherman spirited and full of sex appeal, and for further evidence of that…cast your minds back to THAT kiss in Cruel Intentions!