Someone give that man a megaphone! Yes (or NO, as the case is more likely what any self respecting film fan is hoping, seeing as the guy can barely act, let alone direct!), Vin Diesel is taking the director’s chair for a new 20-minute prequel to upcoming fourquel Fast and Furious, in what is surely the first step to the next stage of his career.

The short will be set before the fourth film but somewhere between the first and third (probably) given that Michelle Rodriguez will be appearing in it with Diesel, but also Sung Kang, who appeared in the third film, Tokyo Drift. So maybe it’ll all explain why the heck Diesel turned up for a cameo at the end of the third film for no good reason except to make the fanboys whoop. Assuming that this franchise has fanboys, and that they whoop at the sight of large bald men in cars.

Diesel didn’t tell ComingSoon how his movie will be released – DVD, TV, online, whatever – but the fourth full-length film, directed by Tokyo Drift‘s Justin Lin, will be out on June 12 here, with all the original leads together again, working together to something-or-other while driving fast.