Seemingly struck by what’s quick becoming known as The Curse Of The Punisher (see the past 2 efforts for evidence of this!), Punisher: War Zone has been at the centre of a rumour whirlwind for ages now. The claims and counterclaims have been flying thick and fast – it’s in trouble, director Lexi Alexander has been removed and, more recently, it’s being gutted to grab a PG-13 audience in the US.

Now, cinematographer Steve Gainer has posted to Punisher comics artist Tim Bradstreet’s board about the latest and he’s ready to shoot down most of the recent rumours. According to him, Lexi Alexander is still editing, still at the helm and the movie – currently running around the 91 minute mark – is definitely an “R” rated cinema going experience…

Make of that what you will: it could be more spin, or it could be the horse’s mouth. We’ll have to wait and see what the final film turns out to be…could be awful, which is most likely, but it could just surprise and be good!