It’s on. It’s off. It’s on again. It might be on, but it’s being re-written and won’t film in Australia. Seems like the only thing we’ve ever known about Warners’ Justice League movie is that we don’t really know anything.

Now, according to a new piece in Variety about Warners and DC re-thinking their strategy, it appears that the Justice League are very much on the back burner with a very low flame again. The reason? The companies have looked at the both the success of Marvel’s cinematic efforts, that company’s focused, organized drive towards a universe on screen and Warners’ own success with The Dark Knight. In short, they want to emulate the former without messing with the latter.

The companies have several of their jointly owned heroes (such as Green Lantern, Green Arrow and Wonder Woman) simmering away in various stages of development, and are now opting to push those forward without also trying to develop the JLA before any thing else is introduced. And Chris Nolan’s firm, quality-laden grip on Batman is also seen as something they’d rather not lose. So don’t go expecting the Justice League to assemble just yet. It’ll happen… Just not next year, and hopefully never, as with Marvels equivalent its hard to see how the film will work on all levels and be any good…but miracles CAN happen!