Whilst not the most riveting news you’re likely to read this week I was suitably amused when i came across these pictures of the acting God that is, Robert Downey Jr. sporting what can only be described as the best moustache this side of Hitler! Clearly getting into character (or more specifically appearance) for his next role as Sherlock Holmes, in Guy Ritchie’s take on the character.

Only Downey Jr. could fashion a moustache and make it look quite this cool, hmm could I pull it off I wonder, I think not! Anyway, Holmes is due to shoot immenently so we should expect much more casting news within the next week or two, most significantly side-kick Watson and a villain whom i will assume at this point will be Holmes arch enemy, Moriarty.

What makes this project even MORE promising is the fact that Ritchie seems to be back to his directorial best in RocknRolla, the thought of him with a franchise like this in his hands is, quite frankly, pant-wettingly good! Heres hoping if he casts Jason Statham we can see some of that promise he displayed in Lock Stock and Snatch!

Upon completion of Holmes, Downey Jr. will move on to star in the sequel to the rather fantastic Iron Man.