Continuing his growing trend for crapping all over potentially good computer game to to film adaptations, Uwe Boll nitches up Far Cry as his latest abomination to the film world. This is his fourth raping of a game property following Bloodrayne, The House Of The Dead and Alone In The Dark, Is there no stopping this man? God help us if he gets his hands on Halo!

The sad thing about Far Cry is that it really has a good plot as a game, one that could have potentially made the transition to the all to rare occurance of a truly good movie to game adaptation, now we will never know! damn you Mr. Boll!

Anyway if the poster weren’t evident enough of the depressing state of this film check out the furthermore depressingly bad (its not even laughable!) trailer right here…dare you watch! I did and i’m still suffereing, and you thought Van Damme couldn’t act, wait until you see the ‘star’ known as Til Schweiger in action!

I would tell you when Far Cry is due out, but im hoping no one actually wants to know, for further Uwe Boll watching try his last effort Postal, an action ‘comedy’ about the Taliban…