Despite a healthy, record-snatching August Wednesday launch at the US box office, Pineapple Express wasn’t quite enough to stop the juggernaut that is The Dark Knight. Moving up to take third place on the domestic release list (and poised to take over from Star Wars as the second place film this week), Batman now has $441.5 million in his coffers.

Still, Seth Rogen and the gang have plenty of reasons to break out the celebratory spliffs as the modestly budgeted Pineapple raked in more than $22 million across its first five days. It should turn a healthy profit long before a successful run on DVD. Third place found The Mummy: Tomb Of The Dragon Emperor dropping 60% for $70.6 million so far.
The Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants 2 arrived in fourth, stuffing a decent $10.7 million into those flexible pockets and robbing many a young girl of their pocket money in the process, while in fifth Step Brothers added $8.9 million to an $80.9 million total, not too bad of a drop off considering it would have been aiming for the same audince as Pineapple Express when it comes down to it.

At sixth Mamma Mia continues to hold well, crossing $100 million for $104 million so far, and Journey To The Centre Of The Earth got up to $81 million this weekend, a respectable haul that demonstrates 3D could well take of big style. In eighth, Hancock made $3.3 million (will a sequel surely now being greenlit), with Swing Vote taking $3.1 million at ninth looking set to disappear next week, Kevin Costner is desperately in need of a hit,  and Wall-E adding $3 million to its $210 million total so far, interesting to note that Wall-E has the same estimated budget as The Dark Knight, who’d have thunk it!