Fast approaching its release date of 19th September, Tropic Thunder is shaping up to be something of a comedic masterpiece. The more I see of this the better it becomes and with an abundance of trailers showcasing fantastic performances we can now feats are eyes on a little more footage here.

And if that isn’t enough to satisy your thunder appetite check out this very funny ‘viral’ promo from the MTV Movie Awards that took place earlier this year. On top of all this a site had gone live as a spin-off for Simple Jack showcasing Ben Stiller’s characters “Oscar Winning role”. However after strong complaints by activist Patricia Bauer who stated,

Paramount/Dreamworks should pull all references to the words “retard,” “imbecile,” “moron” and “idiot” from the movie, DVD, trailers, promotional material and merchandising; Paramount/DreamWorks should pull all scenes and clips that include Ben Stiller’s portrayal of Simple Jack from the movie, DVD, trailers, promotional material and merchandising. Ben Stiller, DreamWorks and Paramount should apologize …Paramount/Dreamworks should commit to consulting people with disabilities during the development process about scripts that portray them…”

Yadda yadda yadda … And the list goes on, though this last point is problematic: Tropic Thunder does not depict “people with disabilities,” but rather Stiller’s portrayal of a bad actor depicting someone with disabilities — a grievous Hollywood standby for which Sean Penn, Cuba Gooding Jr., Dustin Hoffman, Juliette Lewis and that guy from Gigli among sundry other ‘retards’ of varying severity all owe far more urgent apologies. Something tells me these so called activists really need to get a grip and find a day job…

Sp with this and Pineapple Express, activicts permitting, we could well be in for a very funny September.