Wasn’t at least one of these guys getting too old for this shit back in 1987? Over 20 years later, now I might be getting too old for this shit. Considering I was four during the first installment (and too young to watch) and 15 in the final installment (and almost too young to watch), I can definitely give this franchise credit for at least staying on its aged legs.

Seriously, one more installment and this franchise’s callsheet is going to include handicap stickers. But I digress… Lethal Weapon 5!

The good people at ComingSoon have learned something interesting about Shane Black. The scribe who is credited for writing the original Lethal Weapon and the more-recent Kiss Kiss Bang Bang has secretly been writing another Lethal Weapon installment, which we can safely call Lethal Weapon 5. While a spec script is nothing to get too excited about, we’re also told that Joel Silver could be onboard for a sequel and, wait for it, Gibson and Glover have been itching to return to the franchise.

But they might be too old for this shit! What do you guys think…one more round? Or should they let sleeping pensioner cops lie!?