The more news I hear about the planned return to the Robocop universe, the more my movie-watching heart is torn between worry and excitement. When I first heard about the planned revamp, I thought that someone was trying to make a new sequel to the film, and shivered a little at the idea of something along the lines of Robocop 2 or – gulp – 3. But when I heard it would be a complete reboot? I was confused – why remake something that worked so well the first time? And then they hired Darren Aronofsky (he behind the bonkers Pi & The Fountain) direct, and I was intrigued…

Producers Brad Fischer and Michael Medavoy (who worked on all three original Robo-releases) are convinced they can find a way to make the concept work again, this time re-setting the story a la Batman Begins. “”None of the earlier films are going to be canonical, as a matter of fact,” Fischer blabbed to MTV.  “I wouldn’t say it’s a direct sequel.”

And if you were worried that the new film would go the PG-13, route, don’t panic just yet. Medavoy told the site that the film would be R-Rated. I’ll buy that for a dollar!