I really don’t know exactly how long this will be available but if it is pulled and you’re lucky enough to see it, lets just say even in this porr queality you should be well and truly blown away! Everything about this film is reeking of excellence, and the footage only serves to back this up.

Jackman looks to have been really well and truly let off his leash to give us all the Wolverine action he possibly can and some of the  shots are looking fantastic! Thats without even mentioning the cast, Liev Schreiber and Danny Huston look spot on as both Sabretooth and Stryker respectively. Other than the main trio are the Blob, Ryan reynolds Deadpool (whom is looking a little too much like his Blade Trinity character) and Gambit, a fan favourite that seems to have been totally nailed in only seconds worth of footage!

Check it all out for yourself here…while you can!