Well this one came as a surprise and it really looks although Mr. Stone is well and truly back on form after the lacklustre World Trade Centre (the less said about Alexander the better). In ‘W’, the “biopic” of a certain President Bush Jr. we follow Bush’s rise to power from army to oil to the White House. Stone seems to have nailed the perfect cast looks wise, and they are all excellent actors so performance wise they should not dissapoint.

Both Josh Brolin, thats him on the left believe it or not!, As Bush Jr. and James Cromwell as Bush Sr., are spot on, and the humour seems to have been captured perfectly in typical Oliver Stone style. See the teaser trailer here, and on top of that I have the excellent teaser poster (see below) which is also typically clever in Stone’s usual way. Looking forward to this one alot now and it’s due for release in October to coincide with the next U.S. presidential election, hopefully we will be watching an Oscar calibre film.