The word over at the San Diego Comic-Con is that Torchwood star John Barrowman may be up for playing Captain America in the new movie based on the Marvel character.

Apparently, Barrowman gave all the correct stock answers that we’ve all grown to expect: he’d love to play the character, Captain America is his favorite comic book hero, etc. The thing is, though, the question was not surprising to him. In fact, by the time they finished asking him questions he had admitted that there had been discussions with his agents on the subject.

Captain America: The First Avenger has a release date set as May 6, 2011, and I’ ll bring you more news as I get it, include whether a confirmation is made as to Barrowman’s casting, personally i think this could all too well turn out to be a rumour, expecting Marvel to wish to cast a much bigger star in the role, only time will tell, but it is true there is no doubting the ‘all-american’ quality he would bring to the role.