SO today after, literally, years of waiting i got too see the most eagerly anticipated movie for me of my entire life, thus far. And was it worth the wait? I can most certainly say with a resounding YES, it was. I have only seen the film once so far, in IMAX, and want to wait until my second viewing until I review it properly. Suffice to say it was everything I wanted it to be and more, nothing on TV or the internet has done any bit of this film justice, if you thought it was good on the small screen you will be blown away at the big screen, or biggest if your as lucky as me and get too see the IMAX version.

The reason for my delay in reviewing is purely because at the moment i’m still reeling from how good i thought it was. It truly is my favourite film (EVER) at this moment in time, what i’m expecting is that this will not change. But I think only a true film gets better with every viewing and can stand the test of time, so we shall see. I’m positive The Dark Knight will….but i’m going to reserve judgement for viewing number two, and quite frankly i’m now even more excited…roll on saturday!